We are four girls who decided that Rian Dawson, the drummer for All Time Low needs more appreciation then what is given to him. Therefore we do everything in our power to give Rian one(or more gifts) on the u.s. tours. We originally started on Twitter but have since expanded to Tumblr(obviously), YouTube, and Facebook in hopes that we can reach more people to help spread the love for not only Rian but also all of All Time Low. If you ever have any questions just shoot us a message on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook, we love hearing feedback.
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Cassadee Pope & Tim McGraw

All Time Low perform at the APMAs with members of Yellowcard, & New Found Glory [x]

All Time Low perform at the APMAs with members of Yellowcard, & New Found Glory [x]

hi guys, just an update we did choose a winner for our APMAS giveaway, thanks to all who participated, you can head to our twitter account to see who won if you are curious. also, i finished writing out the 31 day August ATL challenge and will be posting it in the next few days so get ready! :)

5SOS Fans make me mad!


They are like “oh look 5 seconds of summer loves All Time Low so i love all time low now aswell, follow me ATL!” STOP SPAMMING THEM WITH THAT YOU JUST WANNA BE FOLLOWED BY EVERYONE! just to say “oh look….follows me i am so cool!”

And then there are these people who loved All Time Low for so long and then 5sos came around and these guys changed their twitters into a support account for 5 Seconds of Summer.

Also i don’t understand that they love everyone who 5sos likes.
Don’t you have an own opinion? or a character?
And if you like All Time Low name me 10 Songs without googleing and NOT the hit singles!

I hate fans who are fake and who just wanna like everybody that their inspirations like.

If you are one of those, i am mad at you!

alright here we go, im not trying to put you on blast but we need to establish a few things…

1. in order to be a fan of any band/person/artist/etc you do not need to know “ten songs with googling that are not hits”. as long as the person supports ATL in anyway possible by buying merch, listening to/buying their songs, or going to shows and they will continue being a fan until they choose to stop. They owe nothing to you and while i get it can be frustrating that people are jumping on the bandwagon that doesnt give you any reason to say who can and cannot be a fan of said music. 

2. most fans are just trying to relate to their favorite artists so whats so wrong about that? especially if All Time Low are getting more recognition. just chill okay. some people have different ways of finding new bands to listen to and if one of those ways is by listening to a band/artist that one of your favorites tells you about then so be it.